• "NVO Agents, Multi-Modal Operators & Freight Forwarders"
  • "NVO Agents, Multi-Modal Operators & Freight Forwarders"

Why Us ???

Our commitment to service goes beyond the expectations of what shippers and consignees expect from the service providers. We accomplish this by staying focused on our following core assets :

  • Our People
  • Our Systems
  • Our Culture
  • Our Customers

Our People

By recruiting, motivating and retaining professional and experienced personnel who understand and pursue the business philosophy we believe enables us to maintain our status and goals in the market. Our product is quality services and it is our people who make it happen.Our emphasis is therefore on hiriging the right people and inculcating in them our culture for a successful career in the company.

Our Systems

DLL takes control of its own destiny by directing and managing the systems to suit its tailor-made transparent logistics plans, set in consultation wth its valued customers. Equal emhasis is given to timely, accurate and updated information to our customers so that they have the required data to successfully manage the movement of their cargo.

Our Culture

We believe that successful companies have a unique culture and they need to work hard to preserve it. Our tuned culture is to exceed our customers' expectations and provide our own people the facilities and opportunities to polish their careers. Our environment breeds success, which is also apparent as our people work harder and respectively grow faster. This simple philosophy has worked for us in the past and shall do so in future too.

Our Customers

Our success is directly related to our client retention. We have just the right strength of staff who concentrate their energies to satisfy the existing clientele, instead of going after new customers.
Our idea of growth is to have just the right number of clients whom we can serve properly. We know that the existence of DLL is because of our customers.
To summarize, while choosing a logistics provider, the three most critical factors are: committed people, the systems employed by them and the culture (attitude towards service) of the organization. These three elements are required to work in harmony. At DLL we concentrate on the above and also ensure that our customers get the same level of quality services on a consistent basis.
In other words at DLL we have the systems, facilities, and most important of all, the people, to satisfy custumers' needs consistently with quality services at competitive prices.